Monday, February 22, 2010

olympic winter sailing

a tale of 2 ships.. or 2 tales/one ship. i went for a run on the seawall. came across a wonderful impromptu inukshuk-rock balancing piece of art. went home to get my gear to take a shot before the tide wiped it out. did a quick check on the email, and there was a message, inviting me to go for a sail (the lumsden crew). i knew i couldn't get there on time, but thought they might be sailing past my shoot location. so that's it, their boat in the background. i like the shot - west coast style / art,sea,sailing,mountains.

second shot. same deal, i screwed up and missed another invite to go for a sail with the lumsden crew. i was walking home on the seawall, and thought just by chance.. i might see them coming in. and that's their boat, the panacea.(hope i have the name right). i'm thinking.. what are the chances.. given the thousands of people in the city for the games, and all the boats on the water, i'd see that one, twice. cool......... oh, and i did get on board last night for some wonderful oysters and beer. thxs to the colhouns, judy, blair.. (judy, watch your head).


Anonymous said...

Hey Doug, where is that rock grouping. I would like to buy it!!

Photo isn't too bad either..

White Rock

douglas e. walker said...

rocks are 5 min. from the sylvia. very impressive. about 4 feet high i'd guess. thinking the tide will take it out soon?

Anonymous said...

Very lucky day for you to see the sailboat coming by. The Canuck does look a lot like you- his eyes are smaller , otherwise featues much like yours. cw

douglas e. walker said...
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Anonymous said...

The shot of the hot dog a day or so ago and the inukshuk are among the best you have done...period. so you have permission to stay in lotus land for the next few months.


douglas e. walker said...

i shall stay and document at you pleasure me lord..