Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I took the back roads home from the city today / wanted to check out this location.

The Bekevar Church is a Municipal Heritage Property located within the Rural Municipality of Hazelwood No. 94, approximately nine kilometres southeast of the Town of Kipling. The property features a large, wood-frame church with twin spires, built in 1911, an iron gate adorning the property's entranceway, and a cemetery, all surrounded by landscaped, treed grounds.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

RIP John Neville. in the mid 80's, I got my first big break as an emerging photographer. assigned by Saturday Night Magazine, to shoot a portrait of John Neville, artistic director of the Stratford Festival. I rented a car, picked up a fellow photographer friend who agreed to assist me, and layed rubber from Toronto to Stratford. We set up in Mr. Neville's house, and got the shot. oh... and BTW....... I showed up about 1/2 hour late... I have never been late for a shoot since...