Tuesday, December 15, 2009

stanley park

it's raining today, so i thought the blog could stand a little sunshine (from last week).


Anonymous said...

Yes, a wonderful way to show the fall leaves while it is raining to-day. cw

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I suspect the rain is a helluva(can I curse on the blog?)lot better than what we have right now in Sask.


douglas e. walker said...

wow kel, that's pretty strong language. give you a pass based on the cold. 'tiss raining, but mild. i'll take mild.

i see the rowing crowd out pounding the water in coal harbour. email me if you'd like, and i'll send you a few shots.

LiaL said...

Love the light.
I'd take rain over -48C windchill!!

douglas e. walker said...

yes, the light. not much of it at this time of year. but just think, in a week or so, the days w/b getting longer. i'm all for it.