Monday, October 5, 2009


here are 2 versions of my portrait of tramp. i have been wanting to capture 'terry', on film, for along time. this is fun for me. i photographed him 20 years ago when i was just starting out. he had a cool look then, and has a cool look now. i set out to shoot black and white, but i like the color shot as well.

any comments of one or the other??


Anonymous said...

very cool shots! I like both equally as they both capture the character.


Anonymous said...

I like the second one. It tells more about the man. He is a hard working man who does not ask a lot of life. The truck reflects the man, it has worked hard and seen a lot. The bald front tires, reflect the hard life that the Tramp has seen. Hobie

Ian Crysler said...

Both are great. The sharpness and contrast of the first, and the angle of the head are marvelous. But the second in colour is getting my first vote. The second tells more of a story to me. The first, although I haven't seen it before, I've seen it before. Both great

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hobie. Although the first is a great photo, I like #2 as it adds more to the "story" of Tramp.

Anonymous said...

I like the 2nd one best--he looks rather scary to me, either way!

Anonymous said...

Scary come on! I've seen scarier guys in the bar bar.

Anonymous said...

Good lord... where do you find these guys????

Amazing looking guy.
I read a book years ago, written by Karsh. He talked about his black and white portraits and
how he liked to use a deep green filter to bring out the pores on human skin. This is reminiscent of that,
but I am almost certain from a different process. Looks a little like the Topaz plug-in for Photoshop???
Just a guess.
Anyway, way cool looking guy. Love the goggles.


Anonymous said...

Nice work !! you must have had help of some sort to achieve these shots
ring lighting is exceptional on shot #1 cj

douglas e. walker said...

good call. i did have an assistant for this shoot. claimed to be a professional, but had a happy trigger finger.
however, couldn't have done it without him..

Anonymous said...

Ive known Tramp for 40 years.It is very interesting to hear comments from folks who are seeing him for the first time.Thinking of him as scary gave me a chuckle.This portrait captures the essence of the character as I know